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Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole


2004 Menghai Shou tuocha

A balance of sweet and musty. 

A dark shou syrup.

The first pour has flavors of toffee, carmel, and fresh cherry wood.

The second pour is smooth and creamy with a hint of purple fig.



_Chi arrives immediately upon drinking the first pot. Smelling the second pot there is an immediate uplifting of spirit. Inspires physical movement and contemplative attention. Looking out through the trees to the snow capped mountains, the heart sings. Sipping a perfect cup of tea, one asks, creation or evolution? Is there a difference, or are they one and the same.

Stong mental clarity and brighter eyesight. Energy emenates from the heart chakra and moves up into clearing of the head. Bouncy, lively, body sensations.